($\boldsymbol B$ = $-1$)
${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit d}}{{\mathit b}}$ , ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit b}}$ , ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ = ${{\mathit d}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit b}}$ , ${{\mathit \Omega}_{{b}}^{-}}$ = ${{\mathit s}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit b}}$
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${{\boldsymbol \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$, ${{\boldsymbol \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ $I(J^P)$ = $1/2(1/2^{+})$ I, J, P need confirmation.

In the quark model, ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ and ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ are an isodoublet ($\mathit usb$, $\mathit dsb$) state; the lowest ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ and ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ ought to have $\mathit J{}^{P} = 1/2{}^{+}$. None of $\mathit I$, $\mathit J$, or ${}^{P}$ have actually been measured.
${{\boldsymbol \Xi}_{{b}}}$ MASSES
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ MASS   $5797.0 \pm0.9$ MeV (S = 1.8)
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ MASS   $5791.9 \pm0.5$ MeV 
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}}$   $177.5 \pm0.5$ MeV (S = 1.6)
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}}$   $172.5 \pm0.4$ MeV 
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}}$   $5.9 \pm0.6$ MeV 
${{\boldsymbol \Xi}_{{b}}}$ MEAN LIFE
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ MEAN LIFE   $(1.572 \pm0.040) \times 10^{-12}$ s 
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ MEAN LIFE   $(1.480 \pm0.030) \times 10^{-12}$ s 
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ MEAN LIFE
${{\mathit \tau}_{{{mix}}}}$ (1/2${{\mathit \pi}}$) times the oscillation period
${\mathit \tau}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}}$ $/$ ${\mathit \tau}_{{{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}}$ mean life ratio   $1.089 \pm0.028$  
${\mathit \tau}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}}$ $/$ ${\mathit \tau}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}}$ mean life ratio   $1.08 \pm0.04$  
$\boldsymbol P$ AND $\boldsymbol CP$ VIOLATION
a$_{P}$( ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ )   $-0.03 \pm0.05$  
a$_{CP}$( ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ )   $-0.04 \pm0.05$  
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}^{-}}{{\mathit \ell}^{-}}{{\overline{\mathit \nu}}_{{{{\mathit \ell}}}}}{{\mathit X}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ ) $(3.9\pm{1.2})\times 10^{-4}$S=1.4 
$\Gamma_{2}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \Xi}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ ) $(1.02^{+0.26}_{-0.21})\times 10^{-5}$1782
$\Gamma_{3}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \Lambda}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ ) $(2.5\pm{0.4})\times 10^{-6}$1631
$\Gamma_{4}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit D}^{0}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ ) $(1.8\pm{0.6})\times 10^{-6}$2374
$\Gamma_{5}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit K}}^{0}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ )/B(${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit B}^{0}}$ ) $<1.6\times 10^{-6}$CL=90%2783
$\Gamma_{6}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{0}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ )/B(${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit B}^{0}}$ ) $<1.1\times 10^{-6}$CL=90%2730
$\Gamma_{7}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ ) $(3.6\pm{0.8})\times 10^{-8}$2731
$\Gamma_{8}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ 2731
$\Gamma_{9}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ 2813
$\Gamma_{10}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ 2783
$\Gamma_{11}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $<1.7\times 10^{-6}$CL=90%2781
$\Gamma_{12}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $<8\times 10^{-7}$CL=90%2751
$\Gamma_{13}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $<3\times 10^{-7}$CL=90%2698
$\Gamma_{14}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{c}}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{\times }$ B( ${{\overline{\mathit b}}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}}$ ) $(6\pm{4})\times 10^{-7}$2416
$\Gamma_{15}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{-}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $(5.7\pm{2.0})\times 10^{-4}$99
$\Gamma_{16}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $(1.9\pm{0.4})\times 10^{-6}$2766
$\Gamma_{17}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $(1.73\pm{0.32})\times 10^{-6}$2704
$\Gamma_{18}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$ ${\times }$ B( ${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{b}}^{0}}$ )/B(${{\mathit b}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{b}}^{0}}$ ) $(1.8\pm{1.0})\times 10^{-7}$2620