${\boldsymbol {\boldsymbol t}}$-quark EW Couplings

${{\mathit W}}$ helicity fractions in top decays. ${{\mathit F}_{{0}}}$ is the fraction of longitudinal and ${{\mathit F}_{{+}}}$ the fraction of right-handed ${{\mathit W}}$ bosons. ${{\mathit F}_{{{V+A}}}}$ is the fraction of $\mathit V+\mathit A$ current in top decays. The effective Lagrangian (cited by ABAZOV 2008AI) has terms f${}^{L}_{1}$ and f${}^{R}_{1}$ for $\mathit V−\mathit A$ and $\mathit V+\mathit A$ couplings, f${}^{L}_{2}$ and f${}^{R}_{2}$ for tensor couplings with b$_{R}$ and b$_{L}$ respectively.

${{\boldsymbol t}}$-Quark Yukawa Coupling from ${{\boldsymbol t}}{{\overline{\boldsymbol t}}}$ Kinematic Distributions in ${{\boldsymbol p}}{{\boldsymbol p}}$ Collisions INSPIRE search

The ratio of ${{\mathit t}}$-quark Yukawa coupling to its standard model predicted value.
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$1.07$ ${}^{+0.34}_{-0.43}$ 1
CMS ${{\mathit \ell}}$+jets, ${{\mathit t}}{{\overline{\mathit t}}}$ threshold
1  SIRUNYAN 2019BY based on 35.8 ${\mathrm {fb}}{}^{-1}$ of data at $\sqrt {s }$ = 13 TeV. Experimental sensitivity is enhanced in the low $\mathit M_{ {{\mathit t}} {{\overline{\mathit t}}} }$ region. The distributions of $\mathit M_{ {{\mathit t}} {{\overline{\mathit t}}} }$, $\vert \mathit y_{t}$ $−$ $\mathit y_{{{\overline{\mathit t}}}}\vert $, and the number of reconstructed jets are compared with predictions by different Yukawa couplings which include NNLO QCD and NLO EW corrections.
PR D100 072007 Measurement of the top quark Yukawa coupling from $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}$ kinematic distributions in the lepton+jets final state in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV