(A) Neutrino fluxes and event ratios

Total Flux of Active CNO Solar Neutrinos INSPIRE search

Total flux of active neutrinos (${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}},{{\mathit \nu}_{{\mu}}},{{\mathit \nu}_{{\tau}}}$).
VALUE ($ 10^{8} $ cm${}^{-2}$ s${}^{-1}$) CL% DOCUMENT ID TECN  COMMENT
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$<7.9$ 95 1
BORX Use ${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}}{{\mathit e}}$ scattering rate
1  AGOSTINI 2018B obtained this result from an upper limit of the ${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}}{{\mathit e}}$ elastic scattering rate for the CNO neutrinos over the period between December 2011 and May 2016, assuming the MSW-LMA oscillation parameters derived by ESTEBAN 2017 .
NAT 562 505 Comprehensive measurement of $pp$-chain solar neutrinos