(A) Neutrino fluxes and event ratios

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hep solar-neutrino flux measured via ${{\mathit \nu}}{{\mathit e}}$ elastic scattering. This process is sensitive to all active neutrino flavors, but with reduced sensitivity to ${{\mathit \nu}_{{\mu}}}$, ${{\mathit \nu}_{{\tau}}}$ due to the cross-section difference, $\sigma\mathrm {( {{\mathit \nu}} _{{{\mathit \mu}}, {{\mathit \tau}}} {{\mathit e}} )}$ $\sim{}0.16\sigma\mathrm {( {{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}} {{\mathit e}} )}$. If the hep solar-neutrino flux involves nonelectron flavor active neutrinos, their contribution to the flux is $\sim{}0.16$ times of ${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}}$.

VALUE ($ 10^{3} $ cm${}^{-2}$s${}^{-1}$) CL% DOCUMENT ID TECN
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$<73$ 90 1
1  HOSAKA 2006 result is obtained from the recoil electron energy window of $18 - 21$ MeV, and updates FUKUDA 2001 result.
PR D73 112001 Solar Neutrino Measurements in Super-Kamiokande-I