(A) Neutrino fluxes and event ratios

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${{\mathit p}{\mathit p}}$ solar-neutrino flux measured with charged-current reaction which is sensitive exclusively to ${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}}$.
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$3.38$ $\pm0.47$ 1
FIT Fit existing solar-${{\mathit \nu}}$ data
1  ABDURASHITOV 2009 reports the ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit p}}$ solar-neutrino flux derived from the Ga solar neutrino capture rate by subtracting contributions from ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$, ${}^{7}\mathrm {Be}$, ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit e}}{{\mathit p}}$ and CNO solar neutrino fluxes determined by other solar neutrino experiments as well as neutrino oscillation parameters determined from available world neutrino oscillation data.
PR C80 015807 Measurement of the Solar Neutrino Capture Rate with Gallium Metal. III: Results for the $2002 - 2007$ Data-Taking Period