(A) Neutrino fluxes and event ratios

$\phi _{\mathit NC}$ (${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$)

${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ solar neutrino flux measured with neutral-current reaction, which is equally sensitive to ${{\mathit \nu}_{{e}}}$, ${{\mathit \nu}_{{\mu}}}$, and ${{\mathit \nu}_{{\tau}}}$.
VALUE ($ 10^{6} $ cm${}^{-2}$s${}^{-1}$) DOCUMENT ID TECN  COMMENT
• • We do not use the following data for averages, fits, limits, etc. • •
$5.25$ $\pm0.16$ ${}^{+0.11}_{-0.13}$ 1
SNO All three phases combined
$5.140$ ${}^{+0.160}_{-0.158}$ ${}^{+0.132}_{-0.117}$ 2
SNO Phase I+II, low threshold
$5.54$ ${}^{+0.33}_{-0.31}$ ${}^{+0.36}_{-0.34}$ 3
SNO Phase III, prop. counter + PMT
$4.94$ $\pm0.21$ ${}^{+0.38}_{-0.34}$ 4
SNO Salty D$_{2}$O; ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ shape not const.
$4.81$ $\pm0.19$ ${}^{+0.28}_{-0.27}$ 4
SNO Salty D$_{2}$O; ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ shape constrained
$5.09$ ${}^{+0.44}_{-0.43}$ ${}^{+0.46}_{-0.43}$ 5
SNO average flux; ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ shape const.
$6.42$ $\pm1.57$ ${}^{+0.55}_{-0.58}$ 5
SNO average flux; ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ shape not const.
1  AHARMIM 2013 obtained this result from a combined analysis of the data from all three phases, SNO-I, II, and III. The measurement of the ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ flux mostly comes from the NC signal, however, CC contribution is included in the fit.
2  AHARMIM 2010 reports this result from a joint analysis of SNO Phase I+II data with the "effective electron kinetic energy" threshold of 3.5 MeV. This result is obtained with a "binned-histogram unconstrained fit" where binned probability distribution functions of the neutrino signal observables were used without any model constraints on the shape of the neutrino spectrum.
3  AHARMIM 2008 reports the results from SNO Phase III measurement using an array of ${}^{3}\mathrm {He}$ proportional counters to measure the rate of NC interactions in heavy water, over the period between November 27, 2004 and November 28, 2006, corresponding to 385.17 live days. A simultaneous fit was made for the number of NC events detected by the proportional counters and the numbers of NC, CC, and ES events detected by the PMTs, where the spectral distributions of the ES and CC events were not constrained to the ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ shape.
4  AHARMIM 2005A measurements were made with dissolved NaCl (0.195$\%$ by weight) in heavy water over the period between July 26, 2001 and August 28, 2003, corresponding to 391.4 live days, and update AHMED 2004A. The $\mathit CC$, $\mathit ES$, and $\mathit NC$ events were statistically separated. In one method, the ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ energy spectrum was not constrained. In the other method, the constraint of an undistorted ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ energy spectrum was added for comparison with AHMAD 2002 results.
5  AHMAD 2002 reports the first SNO result of the ${}^{8}\mathrm {B}$ solar-neutrino flux measured with the neutral-current reaction on deuterium, ${{\mathit \nu}_{{{{\mathit \ell}}}}}$ ${{\mathit d}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit n}}{{\mathit p}}{{\mathit \nu}_{{{{\mathit \ell}}}}}$ , above the neutral-current reaction threshold of 2.2$~$MeV. The data correspond to 306.4 live days with SNO between November 2, 1999 and May 28, 2001. The complete description of the SNO Phase I data set is given in AHARMIM 2007 .
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AHMAD 2002
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