${{\mathit \Delta}}$ BARYONS
($\mathit S$ = 0, $\mathit I$ = 3/2)
${{\mathit \Delta}^{++}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit u}}{{\mathit u}}$ , ${{\mathit \Delta}^{+}}$ = ${\mathit {\mathit u}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit u}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$, ${{\mathit \Delta}^{0}}$ = ${\mathit {\mathit u}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$, ${{\mathit \Delta}^{-}}$ = ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$

${\mathrm {Region}}$ Partial-Wave Analyses

We list here miscellaneous high-mass candidates for isospin-${}^{}3/2{}^{}$ resonances found in partial-wave analyses. Our 1982 edition also had a ${{\mathit \Delta}{(2850)}}$ and a ${{\mathit \Delta}{(3230)}}$ . The evidence for them was deduced from total cross-section and 180$^\circ{}$ elastic cross-section measurements. The ${{\mathit \Delta}{(2850)}}$ has been resolved into the ${{\mathit \Delta}{(2750)}}$ ${\mathit I}_{\mathrm 3,13}$ and ${{\mathit \Delta}{(2950)}}$ ${\mathit K}_{\mathrm 3,15}$. The ${{\mathit \Delta}{(3230)}}$ is perhaps related to the ${\mathit K}_{\mathrm 3,13}$ of HENDRY 1978 and to the ${\mathit L}_{\mathrm 3,17}$ of KOCH 1980 .
${{\mathit \Delta}{(\sim3000)}}$ BREIT-WIGNER MASS
${{\mathit \Delta}{(\sim3000)}}$ BREIT-WIGNER WIDTH
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit N}}{{\mathit \pi}}$   $1 - 8\%$ 1350