${\mathit {\mathit c}}$ ${\mathit {\overline{\mathit c}}}$ MESONS
(including possibly non-${\mathit {\mathit q}}$ ${\mathit {\overline{\mathit q}}}$ states)

${{\mathit \psi}{(4230)}}$

$I^G(J^{PC})$ = $0^-(1^{- -})$ 

also known as ${{\mathit Y}{(4230)}}$; was ${{\mathit \psi}{(4260)}}$
The original ${{\mathit \psi}{(4260)}}$ (also known as ${{\mathit Y}{(4260)}}$) was observed by AUBERT,B 2005I as a peak in the energy dependence of the ${{\mathit e}^{+}}$ ${{\mathit e}^{-}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit J / \psi}}$ cross section and was confirmed by HE 2006B, YUAN 2007, LEES 2012AC, and LIU 2013B in the same process. A higher-statistics analysis by ABLIKIM 2017B revealed an asymmetry in the cross section and resulted in a shift of the peak position to a lower mass. The ${{\mathit \psi}{(4260)}}$ was therefore renamed ${{\mathit \psi}{(4230)}}$. The energy-dependent cross sections for ${{\mathit e}^{+}}{{\mathit e}^{-}}$ to other channels also exhibit peaks in the same mass region. The parameters corresponding to those peaks are also listed here, but the number of states in this region remains to be determined. For details see the review on "Spectroscopy of mesons containing two heavy quarks."
${{\mathit \psi}{(4230)}}$ MASS   $4222.1 \pm2.3$ MeV (S = 1.7)
${{\mathit \psi}{(4230)}}$ WIDTH   $49 \pm7$ MeV (S = 3.4)
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit e}^{+}}{{\mathit e}^{-}}$   2110
$\Gamma_{2}$ ${{\mathit \mu}^{+}}{{\mathit \mu}^{-}}$   $(3.1\pm{2.8})\times 10^{-5}$ 2107
$\Gamma_{3}$ ${{\mathit \eta}_{{{c}}}{(1S)}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen 1027
$\Gamma_{4}$ ${{\mathit \eta}_{{{c}}}{(1S)}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   seen 992
$\Gamma_{5}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   seen 942
$\Gamma_{6}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit f}_{{{0}}}{(980)}}$ , ${{\mathit f}_{{{0}}}{(980)}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   seen  
$\Gamma_{7}$ ${{\mathit T}_{{{c {{\overline{\mathit c}}} 1}}}{(3900)}^{\pm}}{{\mathit \pi}^{\mp}}$ , ${{\mathit T}_{{{c {{\overline{\mathit c}}} 1}}}^{\pm}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{\pm}}$   seen  
$\Gamma_{8}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   seen 944
$\Gamma_{9}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$   seen 460
$\Gamma_{10}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit K}_S^0}$ ${{\mathit K}_S^0}$   not seen 447
$\Gamma_{11}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   seen 848
$\Gamma_{12}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 966
$\Gamma_{13}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \eta}^{\,'}}$   seen 504
$\Gamma_{14}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 904
$\Gamma_{15}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \eta}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 770
$\Gamma_{16}$ ${{\mathit J / \psi}}{{\mathit \eta}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen 211
$\Gamma_{17}$ ${{\mathit \psi}{(2S)}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   seen 426
$\Gamma_{18}$ ${{\mathit \psi}{(2S)}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen -1
$\Gamma_{19}$ ${{\mathit \chi}_{{{c0}}}}{{\mathit \omega}}$   seen 171
$\Gamma_{20}$ ${{\mathit \chi}_{{{c1}}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 527
$\Gamma_{21}$ ${{\mathit \chi}_{{{c2}}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 477
$\Gamma_{22}$ ${{\mathit h}_{{{c}}}{(1P)}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   seen 583
$\Gamma_{23}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen 1976
$\Gamma_{24}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit f}_{{{0}}}{(980)}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen  
$\Gamma_{25}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$   not seen 1856
$\Gamma_{26}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit K}_S^0}$ ${{\mathit K}_S^0}$   not seen 1854
$\Gamma_{27}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen 1947
$\Gamma_{28}$ ${{\mathit \phi}}{{\mathit \eta}^{\,'}}$   not seen 1864
$\Gamma_{29}$ ${{\mathit D}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}}$   not seen 987
$\Gamma_{30}$ ${{\mathit D}^{0}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{0}}$   not seen 987
$\Gamma_{31}$ ${{\mathit D}^{+}}{{\mathit D}^{-}}$   not seen 978
$\Gamma_{32}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}}$ +c.c.   not seen 835
$\Gamma_{33}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2007)}^{0}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{0}}$ +c.c.   not seen 839
$\Gamma_{34}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2010)}^{+}}{{\mathit D}^{-}}$ +c.c.   not seen 829
$\Gamma_{35}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*}}$   not seen 641
$\Gamma_{36}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2007)}^{0}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*}{(2007)}^{0}}$   not seen 652
$\Gamma_{37}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2010)}^{+}}{{\mathit D}^{*}{(2010)}^{-}}$   not seen 641
$\Gamma_{38}$ ${{\mathit D}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ +c.c.   not seen 847
$\Gamma_{39}$ ${{\mathit D}^{0}}{{\mathit D}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ +c.c. (excl. ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2007)}^{0}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*0}}$ +c.c., ${{\mathit D}^{*}{(2010)}^{+}}{{\mathit D}^{-}}$ +c.c.)   not seen  
$\Gamma_{40}$ ${{\mathit D}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ +c.c. (excl. ${{\mathit D}^{*}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*}}$ )   not seen 723
$\Gamma_{41}$ ${{\mathit D}^{0}}{{\mathit D}^{*}{(2010)}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$ +c.c.   seen 650
$\Gamma_{42}$ ${{\mathit D}_{{{1}}}{(2420)}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}}$ + c.c.   not seen -1
$\Gamma_{43}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*}}{{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*}}{{\mathit \pi}}$   seen 367
$\Gamma_{44}$ ${{\mathit D}^{*0}}{{\mathit D}^{*-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}$   seen 364
$\Gamma_{45}$ ${{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{+}}{{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{-}}$   not seen 760
$\Gamma_{46}$ ${{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{*+}}{{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{-}}$ +c.c.   not seen 538
$\Gamma_{47}$ ${{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{*+}}{{\mathit D}_{{{s}}}^{*-}}$   not seen -1
$\Gamma_{48}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}$   not seen 1890
$\Gamma_{49}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 1854
$\Gamma_{50}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen 1712
$\Gamma_{51}$ ${{\mathit \omega}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   seen 2028
$\Gamma_{52}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit \omega}}$   not seen 1610
$\Gamma_{53}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}^{-}}{{\overline{\mathit \Xi}}^{+}}$   not seen 1645
$\Gamma_{54}$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen 2087
$\Gamma_{55}$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 2071
$\Gamma_{56}$ ${{\mathit \omega}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 2035
$\Gamma_{57}$ ${{\mathit \omega}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen 1999
$\Gamma_{58}$ ${{\mathit K}_S^0}$ ${{\mathit K}^{\pm}}{{\mathit \pi}^{\mp}}$   not seen 2032
$\Gamma_{59}$ ${{\mathit K}_S^0}$ ${{\mathit K}^{\pm}}{{\mathit \pi}^{\mp}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 2009
$\Gamma_{60}$ ${{\mathit K}_S^0}$ ${{\mathit K}^{\pm}}{{\mathit \pi}^{\mp}}{{\mathit \eta}}$   not seen 1917
$\Gamma_{61}$ ${{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 2033
$\Gamma_{62}$ ${{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen 2008
$\Gamma_{63}$ ${{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 1981
$\Gamma_{64}$ ${{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}$   not seen 1813
$\Gamma_{65}$ ${{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{+}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 1762
$\Gamma_{66}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}$   not seen 1810
$\Gamma_{67}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$   not seen 1764
$\Gamma_{68}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}{{\mathit p}}{{\overline{\mathit p}}}$   not seen 864
$\Gamma_{69}$ ${{\mathit \Lambda}}{{\overline{\mathit \Lambda}}}$   not seen 1791
$\Gamma_{70}$ ${{\mathit p}}{{\mathit K}^{-}}{{\overline{\mathit \Lambda}}}$ + c.c.   1677