${\boldsymbol {\boldsymbol c}}$ ${\boldsymbol {\overline{\boldsymbol c}}}$ MESONS
(including possibly non- ${\boldsymbol {\boldsymbol q}}$ ${\boldsymbol {\overline{\boldsymbol q}}}$ states)
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${{\boldsymbol X}{(3915)}}$ $I^G(J^{PC})$ = $0^+(0 or 2^{+ +})$ 

was ${{\mathit \chi}_{{c0}}{(3915)}}$
The experimental analysis prefers $\mathit J{}^{PC} = 0{}^{++}$. However, a reanalysis presented in ZHOU 2015C shows that if helicity-2 dominance assumption is abandoned and a sizable helicity-0 component is allowed, a $\mathit J{}^{PC} = 2{}^{++}$ assignment is possible.
${{\mathit X}{(3915)}}$ MASS   $3918.4 \pm1.9$ MeV 
${{\mathit X}{(3915)}}$ WIDTH   $20 \pm5$ MeV (S = 1.1)
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit \omega}}{{\mathit J / \psi}}$  seen 222
$\Gamma_{2}$ ${{\overline{\mathit D}}^{*0}}{{\mathit D}^{0}}$  301
$\Gamma_{3}$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{+}}{{\mathit \pi}^{-}}{{\mathit \eta}_{{c}}{(1S)}}$  not seen 785
$\Gamma_{4}$ ${{\mathit \eta}_{{c}}}{{\mathit \eta}}$  not seen 665
$\Gamma_{5}$ ${{\mathit \eta}_{{c}}}{{\mathit \pi}^{0}}$  not seen 814
$\Gamma_{6}$ ${{\mathit K}}{{\overline{\mathit K}}}$  not seen 1896
$\Gamma_{7}$ ${{\mathit \gamma}}{{\mathit \gamma}}$  seen 1959
$\Gamma_{8}$ ${{\mathit \pi}^{0}}{{\mathit \chi}_{{c1}}}$  365