${{\mathit \Xi}}$ BARYONS
($\mathit S$ = $-2$, $\mathit I$ = 1/2)
${{\mathit \Xi}^{0}}$ = ${\mathit {\mathit u}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit s}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit s}}$, ${{\mathit \Xi}^{-}}$ = ${\mathit {\mathit d}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit s}}$ ${\mathit {\mathit s}}$
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${{\mathit \Xi}{(1620)}}$

$I(J^P)$ = $1/2(?^{?})$ J, P need confirmation.
What little evidence there is consists of weak signals in the ${{\mathit \Xi}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ channel. A number of other experiments (e.g., BORENSTEIN 1972 and HASSALL 1981 ) have looked for but not seen any effect.
${{\mathit \Xi}{(1620)}}$ MASS   $\approx1620$ MeV 
${{\mathit \Xi}{(1620)}}$ WIDTH
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}}{{\mathit \pi}}$  248