($\mathit C$ = $+1$)
${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{c}}^{+}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit d}}{{\mathit c}}$ , ${{\mathit \Sigma}_{{c}}^{++}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit u}}{{\mathit c}}$ , ${{\mathit \Sigma}_{{c}}^{+}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit d}}{{\mathit c}}$ , ${{\mathit \Sigma}_{{c}}^{0}}$ = ${{\mathit d}}{{\mathit d}}{{\mathit c}}$ ,
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{+}}$ = ${{\mathit u}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit c}}$ , ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{0}}$ = ${{\mathit d}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit c}}$ , ${{\mathit \Omega}_{{c}}^{0}}$ = ${{\mathit s}}{{\mathit s}}{{\mathit c}}$

${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}}$

$I(J^P)$ = $1/2(3/2^{-})$ 
Seen in both ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{\,'}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ and ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}}{{\mathit \pi}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ decays. The simplest assignment is that this belongs to the same SU(4) multiplet as the ${{\mathit \Lambda}{(1520)}}$ and the ${{\mathit \Lambda}_{{c}}{(2625)}}$ , but the spin and parity have not been measured.
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}}$ MASSES
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{+}}$ MASS   $2816.51 \pm0.25$ MeV (S = 1.2)
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{0}}$ MASS   $2819.79 \pm0.30$ MeV (S = 1.1)
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}}–{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}}$ MASS DIFFERENCES
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{+}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{+}}}$   $348.80 \pm0.10$ MeV 
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{0}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{0}}}$   $349.35 \pm0.11$ MeV 
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{+}}–{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{0}}$ MASS DIFFERENCE
${\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{+}}}–{\mathit m}_{{{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{0}}}$   $-3.27 \pm0.27$ MeV 
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}}$ WIDTHS
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{+}}$ WIDTH   $2.43 \pm0.26$ MeV 
${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2815)}^{0}}$ WIDTH   $2.54 \pm0.25$ MeV 
The ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}}{{\mathit \pi}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ modes are consistent with being entirely via ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2645)}}{{\mathit \pi}}$ .
$\Gamma_{1}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{\,'}}{{\mathit \pi}}$   seen 188
$\Gamma_{2}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}{(2645)}}{{\mathit \pi}}$   seen 102
$\Gamma_{3}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{0}}{{\mathit \gamma}}$   seen 325
$\Gamma_{4}$ ${{\mathit \Xi}_{{c}}^{+}}{{\mathit \gamma}}$   327