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The exclusion of particle masses within a mass range (${\mathit m}_{\mathrm {1}}$, ${\mathit m}_{\mathrm {2}}$) will be denoted with the notation ``none ${\mathit m}_{\mathrm {1}}−{\mathit m}_{\mathrm {2}}$'' in the VALUE column of the following Listings. The latest unpublished results are described in the ``Supersymmetry: Experiment'' review.
Supersymmetry, Part I (Theory) (rev.)
Supersymmetry, Part II. (Experiment) (rev.)
Supersymmetric Model Assumptions
    ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}$ (Lightest Neutralino) MASS LIMIT
Accelerator limits for stable ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}$   $>46$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Bounds on ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}$ from dark matter searches
    ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}-{{\mathit p}}$ elastic cross section
Spin-dependent interactions
Spin-independent interactions
Other bounds on ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}$ from astrophysics and cosmology
Unstable ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{0}}$ (Lightest Neutralino) MASS LIMIT   $> 380$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{2}}^{0}}$, ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{3}}^{0}}$, ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{4}}^{0}}$ (Neutralinos) MASS LIMITS   $> 620$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{1}}^{\pm}}$, ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}_{{2}}^{\pm}}$ (Charginos) MASS LIMITS   $>94$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Long-lived ${{\widetilde{\mathit \chi}}^{\pm}}$ (Chargino) MASS LIMITS   $>620$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit \nu}}}$ (Sneutrino) MASS LIMIT   $>94$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit e}}}$ (Selectron) MASS LIMIT   $>107$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit \mu}}}$ (Smuon) MASS LIMIT   $>94$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit \tau}}}$ (Stau) MASS LIMIT   $>81.9$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Degenerate Charged Sleptons   $>93$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Long-lived ${{\widetilde{\mathit \ell}}}$ (Slepton) MASS LIMIT   $>286$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit q}}}$ (Squark) MASS LIMIT   $\text{> 608 - 1260}$ GeV  CL=95.0%  ...
Long-lived ${{\widetilde{\mathit q}}}$ (Squark) MASS LIMIT   $>1.000 \times 10^{3}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit b}}}$ (Sbottom) MASS LIMIT   $\text{> 323 - 880}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
${{\widetilde{\mathit t}}}$ (Stop) MASS LIMIT   $\text{> 323 - 800}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Heavy ${{\widetilde{\mathit g}}}$ (Gluino) MASS LIMIT   $\text{> 700 - 1780}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Long-lived ${{\widetilde{\mathit g}}}$ (Gluino) MASS LIMIT
LIGHT ${{\widetilde{\mathit G}}}$ (Gravitino) MASS LIMITS FROM COLLIDER EXPERIMENTS
Supersymmetry Miscellaneous Results