Extra Dimensions

For explanation of terms used and discussion of significant model dependence of following limits, see the ``Extra Dimensions'' review. Footnotes describe originally quoted limit. ${{\mathit \delta}}$ indicates the number of extra dimensions. Limits not encoded here are summarized in the ``Extra Dimensions'' review, where the latest unpublished results are also described.
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Extra Dimensions
Limits on $\mathit R$ from Deviations in Gravitational Force Law
Limits on $\mathit R$ from On-Shell Production of Gravitons: $\delta $ = 2   $<3.8$ $\mu {\mathrm {m}}$  CL=95.0%
Mass Limits on $\mathit M_{\mathit TT}$   $> 9.02$ TeV  CL=95.0%
Limits on 1/$\mathit R$ = $\mathit M_{{{\mathit c}}}$   $> 4.16$ TeV  CL=95.0%
Limits on Kaluza-Klein Gravitons in Warped Extra Dimensions   $> 4.78$ TeV  CL=95.0%
Limits on Kaluza-Klein Gluons in Warped Extra Dimensions   $> 3.8$ TeV  CL=95.0%
Black Hole Production Limits
Semiclassical Black Holes
Quantum Black Holes