New Heavy Bosons (${{\mathit W}^{\,'}}$, ${{\mathit Z}^{\,'}}$, leptoquarks, etc.), Searches for

We list here various limits on charged and neutral heavy vector bosons (other than ${{\mathit W}}$'s and ${{\mathit Z}}$'s), heavy scalar bosons (other than Higgs bosons), vector or scalar leptoquarks, and axigluons. The latest unpublished results are described in “${{\mathit W}^{\,'}}$ Searches” and “${{\mathit Z}^{\,'}}$ Searches” reviews. For recent searches on scalar bosons which could be identified as Higgs bosons, see the listings in the Higgs boson section.
MASS LIMITS for ${{\mathit W}^{\,'}}$ (Heavy Charged Vector Boson Other Than ${{\mathit W}}$) in Hadron Collider Experiments   $> 6000$ GeV  CL=95.0%  ...
${{\mathit W}_{{R}}}$ (Right-Handed ${{\mathit W}}$ Boson) MASS LIMITS   $>715$ GeV  CL=90.0%
Limit on ${{\mathit W}_{{L}}}-{{\mathit W}_{{R}}}$ Mixing Angle $\zeta $
MASS LIMITS for ${{\mathit Z}^{\,'}}$ (Heavy Neutral Vector Boson Other Than ${{\mathit Z}}$)
Limits for ${{\mathit Z}}{}^{′}_{{\mathrm {SM}}}$   $> 5150$ GeV  CL=95.0%  ...
Limits for ${{\mathit Z}}_{\mathit LR}$   $>630$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Limits for ${{\mathit Z}_{{\chi}}}$   $> 4800$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Limits for ${{\mathit Z}_{{\psi}}}$   $> 4560$ GeV  CL=95.0%  ...
Limits for ${{\mathit Z}_{{\eta}}}$   $>3.900 \times 10^{3}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Limits for other ${{\mathit Z}^{\,'}}$
Searches for ${{\mathit Z}^{\,'}}$ with Lepton-Flavor-Violating decays
Indirect Constraints on Kaluza-Klein Gauge Bosons
MASS LIMITS for Leptoquarks from Pair Production   $>1.800 \times 10^{3}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
MASS LIMITS for Leptoquarks from Single Production   $>1.755 \times 10^{3}$ GeV  CL=95.0%
Indirect Limits for Leptoquarks
MASS LIMITS for Diquarks   $> 7200$ GeV  CL=95.0%
MASS LIMITS for ${{\mathit g}_{{A}}}$ (axigluon) and Other Color-Octet Gauge Bosons   $> 6600$ GeV  CL=95.0%
MASS LIMITS for Color-Octet Scalar Bosons
${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ (Heavy Boson) Searches in ${{\mathit Z}}$ Decays
MASS LIMITS for a Heavy Neutral Boson Coupling to ${{\mathit e}^{+}}{{\mathit e}^{-}}$
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit e}^{+}}{{\mathit e}^{-}}$ Collisions
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit e}}{{\mathit p}}$ Collisions
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit e}^{+}}$ ${{\mathit e}^{-}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit X}^{0}}{{\mathit \gamma}}$
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit Z}}$ $\rightarrow$ ${{\mathit f}}{{\overline{\mathit f}}}{{\mathit X}^{0}}$
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit W}}{{\mathit X}^{0}}$ final state
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in Quarkonium Decays
Search for ${{\mathit X}^{0}}$ Resonance in ${{\mathit H}{(125)}}$ Decays